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Sneakerhead Vocab

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Sole Unlimited is all about making Sneakerheads happy. We are an online shoes store that has the latest sneakers, from the Yeezy’s everyone is looking for, to cross training shoes to make your workout safe and painless. We have just about every brand you can imagine, and carry both new and gently used shoes to complete your collections. If you are new to the sneakerhead world, you might not know all of the vocab. Never fear! Sole Unlimited has your back. 


  • Sure, this sounds like a made a baby bird??? or something, but not something to do with shoes, but it’s actually a part of a shoe.
  • It’s an uncommon word for a common object.
  • Aglets are the tips at the end of your shoe lace that keep the fabric from fraying.
  • There are the kind of thing that you don’t notice until it has fallen off and you can’t get your shoelace through the hole so you end up wetting it and twisting it to try to get it back through.
  • They’ve made a bit of a splash lately thanks to the genius of Kanye.
  • Air Yeezy’s have the option of special aglets to make your Yeezy’s even more amazing.


  • I doubt anyone has not heard of Yeezy’s, but just in case, Yeezy’s are the a sneaker line designed by Kanye West and some models are the hottest, hardest to find item of the years.
  • Never fear! Sole Unlimited has the Yeezy’s you seek!
  • We have six styles to choose from: from the Yeezy Boost in both Oxford Tan and Pirate Black to the Nike’s Little Boy Posite Pro Yeezy’s.

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