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How to Spoke Fake Jordans 1/2

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When you are spending your hard-earned cash on your dream Jordans, you don’t want to be a sucker and pay for a pair of fakes. But what can you do? There are a few tell-tale signs that every sneakerhead should know. We’ll go over these signs is this two-part blog series. When you shop online for sports shoes, always shop Sole Unlimited so you know you’ll be getting the real deal!

The Sneakers

  • Real Jordans are made of quality, strong leather. If your sneakers look like the structure of the shoe is not held up by the leather, but instead sags, it is likely they are fakes.
  • Fake Jordans have triangle notches on various places on the material. This is the result of the being massed produced and the use of a stencil.
  • Check the carbon fiber. On fakes, the pattern is painted on, and you can just scratch off the surface. Real Jordans use real carbon fiber, and it’s hard- really hard.
  • Fake Jordans tend to be shorter than the real thing.
  • Examining the details of the embroidery is also a great way to tell a fake pair of Jordans from the real thing. On authentic Jordans, the Jumpman has four fingers and a lace on the left shoe. If the Jumpman on your pair of Jordans has a different number of fingers or a sloppy lace, your pair is a knock-off. The embroidery on the tongue should also be checked for quality and accuracy.
  • The shoestring on real Jordans is thick and high-quality. Fake Jordans often have thinner, lower quality laces.

Take some time to really look closely at your Jordans to make sure they are authentic. All the shoes you buy on Sole Unlimited are guaranteed authentic.