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How To Care for Your Sneakers

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Whether you buy your Nikes, Adidas, or Yeezy Boost 350’s at the mall or Sole Unlimited's online site, you know that you’ve added to your treasure trove of sneakers. When you’ve purchased a long-coveted pair of sneakers, you might want to wear them out onto the street. We know some people collect sneakers and prefer to wear beaters while their deadstock treasures sit on a shelf, while others might venture out on the the streets to show off their new shoes. For those brave souls, we have some tips to get those babies cleaned up your soles once you come home.

Protect Them!

  • Make sure you are not about to use a product that is specifically warned against on the label.
  • Take the thirty seconds it will take to read the label.
  • Read the label to learn your materials (if you don’t already know). You need to know if your upper is suede so you don’t use laundry detergent on it and ruin your sneakers.

The Right Tools

  • You just spent a bundle of cash on a pair of sneakers, don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals.
  • There are specially made shoe cleaners out there, and it’s a great idea to protect your investment by using the proper cleaners.
  • You can also dilute some laundry detergent with water and use that.
  • Many people suggest using toothbrushes or scrub brushes but if you brush too hard, you can scratch them, so if you use one, make sure it’s soft and that you are gentle.
  • Have a second, “dirty” toothbrush to clean the grooves on the soles.
  • You can also use a toothpick to help dislodge stubborn stones.
  • Baby wipes are a great way to get the light soiling off.
  • Take your laces out when you clean your shoes. If they need to be cleaned too, soak them in your laundry detergent cleaning solution, rinse them out, and hang them to dry. If you are in a big rush, you can use a hair dryer.

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