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Gotta Have Foamposites!

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Can you really call yourself a Sneakerhead if you don’t have a pair of Foamposites? Ever since their first release in 1997, Foamposites have been the cornerstone of many a Sneakerhead collection, but what makes them so amazing? What makes the Foamposites "the" Nike’s to own? Sole Unlimited is proud to play a role in keeping up with Sneakerhead needs by offering both new and gently used Foamposites, so that you can complete (yeah. right) your collection.

Revolutionary Design

  • The futuristic design, originally inspired by a beetle, has stayed relevant for nearly two decades, becoming a fashion icon.
  • No one thought it could be done, to design a shoe is one thing but to make it happens is another altogether.
  • Finally the process was figured out, and Korea’s auto manufacturers Daewoo stepped up and figured out how to do it.
  • The upper part starts out as liquid and has to be held at temperature of between 130° to 175° and then poured into a mold.
  • The average cost of these specially designed molds was $750,000. So, now you know why these kicks cost so much!

Walk with Greatness

  • You know when you get a pair of Foamposites that you are wearing the same sneaker that some of the greatest players in basketball have worn.
  • You already know that they look great but knowing NBA players wear them on the court, is evidence of their great performance as well.
  • While Penny Hardaway is known as the one who debuted these sneakers, they were originally designed for Scottie Pippen.
  • The half-cent logo designates the L’il Penny aka Penny Hardaway
  • Tim Duncan was the first NBA player to wear them in an All-Star game in 1998.

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