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How to Spot Fake Jordans 2/2

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When you buy a pair of Air Jordans, especially online, it’s hard to tell what you are getting. You have to wait until they arrive at your door, and you can examine them, to know for sure if the quality sports shoes you’ve paid good money for are authentic Air Jordans, or if they are knock-offs. All the shoes you buy on Sole Unlimited are guaranteed authentic. In this two-part blog, we are looking at ways you can tell your Jordans are real. Last time, we looked at the shoe itself, and this week we’ll look at some other signs.

The Box

  • A true Jordan box is made of sturdy cardboard, not a single-layer of thin material, but a solid, thick cardboard that will last many years if treated well.
  • The famous logo with the word AIR under the jumper can be found on every authentic box.
  • The name of the shoe style will be spelled out completely. The shoe size and the country in which it was manufactured will also be on the box. All the information will be spelled out and spelled correctly, so check for typos.
  • Real Jordan Boxes have the identifying label aligned with the side of the box, and have a “do not sell before” label.
  • Nike uses plain brown paper to wrap their sneakers in. Fakes usually come with thin tissue paper or brown paper with a pattern.
  • Look at the color of the ink and the print on the box for clues. Even the quality of the holes can be examined to determine the authenticity.

The Sale

  • If you are getting a pair of “authentic” Jordans fresh out of the box for twenty dollars, they are probably not actually authentic. Remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.
  • If the shoe you are looking at is being sold as “custom,” “sample,” or “variant,” it is a fake. Nike does not use these terms.

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